Info: Rank Structure

Rank Full Name Rank Abbreviation Rank Classification Rank Insignia
Commander-In-Chief CiC Central Command
Deputy Commander-In-Chief DCiC Central Command
5* General 5*Gen Central Command
General Gen Central Command
Lieutenant General LGen Central Command
Major General MGen Central Command
Brigadier General BGen Central Command
Colonel Col Comissioned Officer
Lieutenant Colonel LCol Comissioned Officer
Major Maj Comissioned Officer
Captain Cpt Comissioned Officer
First Lieutenant 1Lt Comissioned Officer
Second Lieutenant 2Lt Comissioned Officer
Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Non-Comissioned Officer
Command Sergeant Major CSM Non-Comissioned Officer
Sergeant Major SMaj Non-Comissioned Officer
First Sergeant 1Sgt Non-Comissioned Officer
Master Sergeant MSgt Non-Comissioned Officer
Sergeant First Class Sfc Non-Comissioned Officer
Staff Sergeant SSgt Non-Comissioned Officer
Sergeant Sgt Non-Comissioned Officer
Corporal Cpl Non-Comissioned Officer
Private First Class Pfc Enlisted Grade
Private Pvt Enlisted Grade
Aux: Pending Pen Auxillary Groups
Aux: Visitor Vis Auxillary Groups
Aux: Retired Ret Auxillary Groups
Aux: Banned BAN Auxillary Groups
Aux: Blacklisted BL Auxillary Groups
Aux: Discharged DD Auxillary Groups
Aux: On Leave OL Auxillary Groups
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