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  • Statement on the recent events
      14 hours ago
      1 replies

    I am writing this message to address the recent string of events that took place in the last day or so, resulting in the loss of several members, including some current and previous members of the Central Command team. I know that others have already gone some distance to clarifying the bigger picture, so I wanted to put across my individual stance.

    As I am sure everyone will appreciate, text is a profoundly difficult medium to convey a view, perspective or full context, which is only compounded when people are exposed to certain messages or parts of a conversation, because they can be taken and construed in a way that was never intended by the original message. For this reason, if anyone would like to discuss this further, I welcome you to reach out to me and at a time mutually convenient we can have a voice conversation about this too.

    As last night's discussion escalated into a heated argument, I believe all parties said some things that were unnecessary or misthought. For those of you who saw some, or all, of the messages that I wrote and took offence, I apologize. I would like to assure you all that I will do more to understand where I was wrong and what I can do to avoid repeating such errors in the future (and with thanks to @jusZenTFN, I have learnt a lot with him already and he's provided more material to read further). Nobody deserves to be judged, and certainly should not lose their life, because of race or creed (or any other system of bigoted views). Everyone deserves equality, and you should not be defined in society based on the colour of your skin. My understanding of the George Floyd situation was flawed based on an insufficient understanding of Systemic racism, but regardless of the reasons behind why this happen his death was a tragic incident and could (and should) have been avoided.

    It is also important to me that at this time, that everyone makes the same pledge I have (if you have not already, of course), stand up for equality in any and all ways possible, there are lots of ways to do this and you can start by considering a donation to charity - I encourage you to consider the charities that I recently also supported which are the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward and The Bail Project - you can either choose to support them directly, or using services such as Humble Bundle (which is as I did, with the Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle, Humble is a good way to benefit yourself as well as Charity at same time, and the best part is that it comes at no extra cost to you as a consumer), if you do not want to or cannot afford to support Charity at this time then the path forward is simple: Be a voice, speak against inequality, I will do moving forward and I hope you all will too.

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  • [Operations Update] Call of Duty & Rainbow 6: Siege Regiments
      2 days ago
      5 replies

    EST 2019
    Operations Update - CoD & R6: Siege Regiments


    We've had a quite turbulent week in Operations, hopefully this will be the final drastic change within Operations for a prolonged period of time.
    With that said, the following changes will concern both the Call of Duty and Rainbow 6: Siege regiments.
    @UnrealAngel will transfer over to position of Acting C/O Call of Duty regiment, as she has expressed interest in leading it more than Siege due to the fact that she plays it more. After some deliberation, we've decided to accept this offer for the sake of efficiency and overall managing satisfaction, but only if a suitable replacement is found, where we decided on @Kiritour - an up-and-coming member who has expressed interest in taking charge of the Rainbow 6: Siege regiment. Both will (still) be on a probationary period of one month.
    I'll personally be looking forward to working with them both in their new roles. We're looking forward to seeing what they'll bring to the table.

    In summary:

    • @UnrealAngel has transferred from Acting C/O of Rainbow 6: Siege to Acting C/O of Call of Duty regiment, effective immediately.
    • @Kiritour has been promoted from Private First Class to Second Lieutenant inline with guidelines.
    • @Kiritour has been appointed to Acting C/O of Rainbow 6: Siege regiment.

    Rank Ledger
  • [Operations Demotion] LordVapenstein - Call of Duty Acting C/O
      2 days ago
      1 replies

    EST 2019
    Call of Duty Acting C/O Demotion


    With only 3 days into his probation, we're forced to remove @LordVapenstein from his position of Acting C/O of Call of Duty regiment due to extreme disinterest & total communication blackout from his side, as he has failed to respond to direct messages, tags from both Central Command and the PR Events Team for an extended period of time.
    We cannot put the entire regiment on hold because it's C/O is failing to answer, therefore we're forced to remove the C/O and find a replacement.
    With that being said, we'll be looking for a new acting Commanding Officer of the Call of Duty regiment, stay posted!

    In summary;

    • @LordVapenstein has been removed from his position as Acting Commanding Officer of Call of Duty regiment.
    • @LordVapenstein has been demoted from Second Lieutenant to Command Sergeant Major.
    • @LordVapenstein has failed his probationary period.

    Rank Ledger

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