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1 year ago

Streamline, Simplify, Succeed! A new path to growth...

Hey Everyone,


Myself and CrazyShooter have been discussing over the last couple of days, and have since brought Tremmert to consult with as well since he is the next most senior and longest serving CentCom member, about the approach we took to relaunching Ace just a few weeks ago.


We had a vision at the time which was based on the previous success of the clan, but we now feel that we have gone a fair bit sideways in the approach we took to returning ACE to what it once was. Fear not however, we will make it happen, we're just going to go about it differently moving forward.


Several significant changes are planned for the clan so we can simplify and streamline our approach to how we operate. Which most notably will be the removal of several game regiments, the only regiments to be kept will be:

  • Eco
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Star Citizen (New Regiment)


We also feel that we need to condense the management of the clan to adapt proportionately to what we currently have, which will mean the closure of some of our Director positions, this is an extremely difficult decision but nonetheless we feel it is necessary to maintain a fruitful future to the clan.


In lighter news, we are discussing the possibility of attending i72 (Insomnia Gaming Festival, usually held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK as a Clan) which is likely to be around Easter next year, stay tuned for more information on this in the near future!


Finally, I'd like to encourage anyone who can, to please apply a boost or two to this Discord, we're on the brink of losing Tier 3, which includes the Vanity URL, we only need to secure a couple more boosts to ensure this is saved!



DCiC Expression93

Clan X/O


Job Positions

1 year ago

Admissions Officer



EST 2019
ADMISSions officer



As an Admissions Officer, you will be interacting with a lot of visitors, and new recruits to the clan. You will be talking to new people in #lounge-visitor and convincing people to apply for enlistment. When applications come in, you will be responsible for reviewing their input and either accepting or denying them from the clan. Admissions Officers will also be responsible for training new recruits so they have the basic knowledge of how the clan runs, in order for them to pass their enlisted grade exam for promotion.


Be aware, any user can apply for this position, regardless of rank. If the application is accepted, the applicant will be promoted up to the minimum rank requirement on appointment to their position.


Office Office of Admissions
Reports To Director of Admissions
Leadership Role No
Can Promote Members Without
Authorization To
Minimum Rank For Position 7-bgen.png  (Sergeant)







  • Identify any potential new recruits in #lounge-visitor channel of discord, and interact with them. Make them feel welcome and answer any questions they have. Offer them to apply on the website for enlistment to the clan.


  • Review clan enlistment applications on a regular basis. Visitors will be asked a series of questions about their experience, their age, and why they want to join the clan and what they want to get from the clan. All applications must be checked properly and ensure they meet the minimum requirements (eg: must be 13 years of age, and must speak English).


  • New recruits into the clan will join the Enlisted Grade as a private. These will fall under the command of the whole admissions team, and are expected to be briefed within 1 week of joining on how the clan functions. Questions they will be asked in the exam contain things such as what rank comes after Corporal, what is the top rank in the clan. You should spend at least an hour with each new recruit and guide them through the basic knowledge. Our vision, is that we want people promoted to Corporal who understands what is going on with the clan, and how to get promoted after that.


  • Find some good approved places to post advertisements to the clan. This can be other forums, other discord or websites. If you identify any good paid advertisement places, speak to the Director of Admissions who will have a budget for such things. We never expect you to pay for anything within Ace Clan!!


  • If in exceptional circumstances, a member files a clan enlistment, who has either been in the clan before, or you feel they have great knowledge already, you can accept the application and promote to a maximum rank of Corporal.


  • As an admissions officer, its expected you can speak with professionalism and courtesy. You are representing the clan in most cases, and you will normally be the first interaction a visitor has with Ace. If you see someone new talking in #lounge-visitor, don't ignore them and wait for someone else to reply, just engage with them and make them feel welcome. 



Commander-In-Chief CrazyShooter

Clan Structure

1 year ago

Rank List (& Explanations)



EST 2019
Rank List (& Explanations)



Central Command

These ranks are seldom issued to key individuals within the clan that deal with various operational aspects at a big picture scale.

They guide and mentor their subordinates of their departments with their day-to-day duties within the clan as well as themselves act as visionaries for its future.

They are the most trusted, respected and competent people who have really shown a long-term commitment to the clan as a whole.


Commissioned Officers

These ranks are issued to those holding positions of key responsibility within the clan, such as Commanding Officers or other senior staff within a department.

They are responsible for certain functions within the clan and are the driving force behind the day-to-day things that need to be done.

They are capable and competent in their duties and have proven themselves to deliver on what is asked of them.


Non-Commissioned Officers

These ranks are issued to members to reflect their dedication and commitment to the clan by participating in specific activities and/or with the clan in general.

They will usually reflect the length of service or individuals that demonstrate a particular keenness to progress and take on more responsibility.

These ranks start to be achieved once a probationary period of membership has been passed.


Enlisted Grade

These ranks are issued to prospective members of the clan to allow them the opportunity to establish themselves as a member.

They will usually be held for a fixed period of time between the two ranks, and it isn't uncommon to see these in limited numbers as the individuals in question progress to being full members.

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Clan Members43 Members
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been forever

1 year ago


anyone else on here who used to play apex like 4 years ago?

1 year ago


Yeah, I joined this group while playing Apex

1 year ago



4 months ago

Clan History

AceClan.ORG was founded as a Multi-Gaming military stylised clan in March 2019 on the basis that everyone deserves a welcome and friendly atmosphere when they play games.

There are virtually no prerequisites to joining AceClan so long as you are aged 13 or over and willing to get involved, we are an English speaking clan.

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved, including:

  • Regiment Command - Be involved in managing a game for the clan, co-ordinating the path that we take to grow our presence within a game and ensuring the members of that regiment are kept happy and always feel welcome. Learn more on our Forum and Discord!
  • Admissions Team - Be the first line of contact from new applicants and help them feel welcome, working in tandem with other teams to ensure their permissions are set and they are introduced to the right people.
  • Technical Services - Support our website, forums, discord server and game servers on a technical level, ensuring they are kept up-to-date and configured for optimum performance!
  • Military Police - Help out with moderating or "policing" our services effectively against bad behaviour or unwelcome people. This includes the Forum, Discord and Game Servers.
The Central Command team consisting of two owners, CrazyShooter and Expression93 along with more people who are very trusted and capable bring combined more than 30 years of experience in administering and managing Clans and Communities across a multitude of games.

We decided it was time to bring a tidal-wave of changes to the multi-gaming clan experience and hence AceClan.ORG was born!

Clan Partnerships

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