Donate to the clan

As a large clan like Ace, we expect to have large monthly bills to cover costs of our dedicated servers, gameservers, forum licence software, domain renewals and much more. When setting up the clan, we agreed that we would not request any money or donations from any of our users, including anyone in Central Command. We cover the cost of Ace Clan bills out of our own pockets. This is not a problem to us. We would be absolutely grateful for any amount of donation that helps us to run the clan.

What you will receive for donating:
To reward members who donate money out of there own pocket, we are setting up a system that will give members some visual benefits, and some new perks in discord and on the forums. These include:

  • Access to a private discord channel to talk and chat with other donators.
  • A special discord role title to display that you have supported us.
  • Access to a private category on the forum to chat with other donators.
  • A special forum usergroup and a nice looking usergroup image based on the amount you have donated:


  • $1 - $25: Tier 1 Donator
  • $26- $50: Tier 2 Donator
  • $51- $100: Tier 3 Donator
  • $101 - $200: Tier 4 Donator
  • $201 - $300: Tier 5 Donator
  • $301 - $999: Tier 6 Donator

All donations will be added to your current donation total, so you can always top-up your tier by the amount required!

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